Kamrup Metropolitan District, Guwahati, Assam
কামৰুপ মহানগৰ জিলা,অসম
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Scheme being implemented by the Social Welfare Department Govt. of Assam in the Kamrup (Metropolitan) District
Sl. No.  Name of the Scheme Name of the Project Nos. of AWCs Total AWCs
Max Mini
ICDS Guwahati (U) 147 0 147
  A Govt. of India Scheme for women and child development with the objective of reduction in malnutrition, maternal motility, infant motility and school dropout, etc.. The children in the age group of 0-6 yrs and the target beneficiaries for their all round development. Women in the age group of the 15-45 yrs. more particularly the pregnant and nursing women are provided services through the focal point- the AWCs for delivery of services at the gratuity level.
The six services are –
1. Pre school education 3-6 yrs
2. Immunization
3. Health Checkup
4. Supplementary Nutrition 
5. Nutrition and Health Education
6. Referral services
Dimoria 330 59 389
Dispur 147 0 147
Noonmati 176 21 197
Maligaon 149 0 149
Rani 102 0 102
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